EMA is a NJDEP-certified contractor. As of October 3rd, 2006, all contractors performing work on NJ Oil Tank Removal and Underground Storage Tanks must be certified.

Homeowner's Insurance Claims Handling: EMA has worked with most of the insurance companies operating in NJ. We are well-regarded by insurers and will assist you with any cleanup actions that are covered by your Homeowner’s Insurance.

You can count on EMA for your NJ Oil Tank Removal and Underground Storage Cleanup.

**Please note that the NJDEP has suspended the UST Grant Fund due to a lack of funding. They will be processing applications received prior to May 3rd, 2011. Applications will be processed in the order received until such time as the fund is depleted.**

The NJDEP does not anticipate that any new funding will be available until 2014 or later but they will be holding on to any new applications that are received for potential future processing.

Click here for the Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund for Leaking Oil Tanks